Hereditary Introduces a New Master Of Terror

Reviewed by Kristy Puchko

We are in a glorious moment for horror. Boldly original and deeply terrifying directorial debuts like Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, Julia Ducournau’s Raw, and Jordan Peele’s Get Out have not only had critics cheering, and audiences screaming, but also announced the arrival of daring new visionaries to the genre. Next to join this esteemed company of masterful horror makers is Ari Aster. This ruthlessly talented writer/director makes his feature film debut with the Sundance-heralded Hereditary, which turns family dysfunction into pure, unfiltered nightmare fuel.

Hereditary begins as an eerie family drama about the Grahams. When their mentally unwell and desperately secretive grandmother passes away, her daughter Annie (Toni Collette) struggles not only with grief, but also a stabbing regret that drives her to be more attentive to her own children, angst-ridden teen Peter (Alex Wolff) and painfully awkward tween Charlie (Milly Shapiro). But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Horrific mistakes lead to festering family bonds. And all the while, increasingly strange things happen to around the Grahams’ home. Which makes Annie suspect their dearly departed loved one might not be gone after all…

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