Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Is A Gentle And Needed Battle Cry

Reviewed by Kristy Puchko

It seems almost impossible. For 33 years, Fred Rogers switched into sneakers and a cozy cardigan, and nestled in to host a children’s show called Mister Rogers Neighborhood. The times changed. TV became flooded with loud and violent cartoons that were basically thinly-veiled toy commercials. But Rogers was a constant, always there to smile and encourage. But what do we–the generations who grew up watching him–really know about Mister Rogers? Through interviews with family and friends and a deep dive into the show’s archive and Rogers’ personal letters, Morgan Neville’s documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? reveals the complexity, doubts, and curiosities of the man behind the beatific grin and cardigan.

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First, a word of comfort: There’s nothing in this doc that will shatter your fuzzy, warm feelings about Mister Rogers.

Those dark rumors about his bloody Navy SEAL past, and those gnarly tattoos hidden under his sweater sleeves? Utter bunk...

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